A smartly written subject line can do wonders for any email campaign. However, writing an effective subject line is not as easy as it seems.

Here are 4 tips for crafting the perfect email subject line:

  1. Do Include One: Yes, believe it or not, a lot of brands make the blunder of sending out emails without a subject line. Make sure you include one, because blank subject lines often get dismissed.
  2. Be Specific: make it a point to make the subject line as specific as possible. Include exactly what you’re referring to – meeting, interview or a routine cultural update. This helps recipients prioritise your message.
  3. Be Brief: keep the subject line under 30 characters so the full like is visible even on smart phone previews.  
  4. DO NOT use the words ‘Important’ or ‘Urgent’ – only do so if it’s a truly pressing matter

An email marketing campaign is a lot more than just a catch subject line. Read The Do’s & Don’ts Of An Email Marketing Campaign to know better.