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EkDooTeen ensures your business gets undivided attention with a designated team comprising of an account executive, graphic designer & a content writer.

Why EkdooTeen
Only ROI driven metrics

Only ROI Driven Metrics

We care as much about performance and success of your brand as you do. Our campaigns are built to consistently produce measurable outcomes for you. We work towards a tangible ROI driven metric that helps convert followers into customers all in one click!
The evolution of our model is closely based on consumer behavior which helps us offer the RIGHT SERVICES and delivery mix, best suited for your business.

Every second saved is a penny earned

Every Second Saved Is a Penny Earned

We truly understand the value of your time and needs.
Keeping customer experience as priority, we are a QUICK SERVICE AGENCY
At EkDooTeen, We understand your brand, work on data gathering and the next thing you know, our team is ready with your go-to-market strategy!

No Room for Human Error

No Room for Human Error

Why allow humans to invade when we’ve got Rawbot – our Artificial Inteligence bot that does everything required of a human except loving clients (we humans have got that covered).We provide you with the right mix of high-quality deliverables and low prices.

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A shout out to all brand managers, boutique agencies and freelancers with more than 2 projects at hand! Explore our enterprise solutions!