Similar to the editorial calendar, a social media calendar charts out an execution schedule  including every deliverable, deadline and publishing date for every stage of the campaign. As your social media marketing campaigns develop in complexity and sophistication, controlling every crucial element becomes increasingly difficult. This is where the calendar comes in handy.

A well designed social media calendar will contain some key elements:

  • Key Dates – the calendar shall include key dates of all major events, offers and promotions that you intend to run in the next month/quarter/year so that you can plan content & campaigns around them in advance.
  • Content Calendar – the content calendar is that subset of the social media calendar that acts like a to-do list, helping to keep production on track.  This accounts for the content strategy, timescales for content creation and also stakeholders involved in the process.
  • Resourcing Schedule – the process of conducting a social media campaign requires inputs from multiple experts across business. The resourcing schedule mainly includes the following 2 aspects:
  1. Delivery timelines of all assets
  2. Resources/specific individuals responsible for timely delivery of each asset

If you want to learn more about building a social media calendar and how EkDooTeen can help streamline the process, get in touch with us (ekdooteen) to arrange for an interaction with our team.