Almost all social media networks use an algorithmic timeline now, it basically means that the post will not appear in the same sequence as they were posted, instead, the software determines which post the viewer will see first when they open the app.

But it’s is still important to understand that at what time your viewers are most active on Instagram. By staying consistent in posting at the time your viewers are most active you might be able to prompt the Instagram algorithm to push your posts higher on your followers’ feed.

Instagram has social media analytics tools to help you understand how your page is performing. Instagram business profiles provide you with an option to analyze the growth and help you understand which posts are performing best. It also helps you analyze when your followers are most active by the day of the week and the time of the day.

To access your Instagram Insights, tap on the profile tab in the Instagram app and then the bar chart icon () on the upper-right corner. There will be a section for your followers’ activity information, and you can tap on “See More” to see more detailed insights.

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