The right customer acquisition strategy along with persistence is the fuel for success for any online venture. Here are a few ways you can boost your E-commerce store traffic:

  1. Engage with social media influencers: not only does this add thousands of new customers to your database in a single-go, but it also establishes an element of trust that is little achieved through conventional mass-media advertising
  2. Social Media Outreach: organically it may take time to build a follower base, but if done well and continued with constant engagement, your social media platforms will have a base that will constantly drive traffic to your online store for free
  3. Email Marketing: If you do not have a substantial database to send out the mails to, there are several third-party vendors that will send your email communication to their own database
  4. Content Marketing: employ the right content marketing strategy and stick to a content calendar of activities to perform for a period of time

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