Though less effective in India, Twitter is still an important component of most brands’ Digital Marketing Strategies. However, it can be tricky and needs to be optimised properly for desired results.

Here are a few ways you can effectively market your brand on Twitter:

  1. Use 90:10 ratio for sharing the content – Out of 100% content you share, 90% should be other’s trending content and 10% your original brand related content
  2. Use Proper Twitter Hashtags – Make sure you don’t use more than 2 hashtags
  3. Create Twitter Lists – The best way to make other influencers and users feel special is by including them in your exclusive Twitter lists
  4. When you share others’ content, remember to tag the author and give due credit to the source too
  5. Include visuals – use images, GIFs and infographics whenever there is more to express. You can add a slight summary as a supporting tweet. Visuals also help increase social media engagement.
  6. Participate in Twitter chats – The gold of Twitter is Twitter chats. The best way to put forward your domain expertise in front of industry experts is by engaging and interacting in relevant Twitter chats.

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