We all get sloppy with emails, especially considering that over 2.4million emails are sent out every second of the day. In order to be taken seriously, there are certain protocols that ought to be followed.

So, some of the key do’s & don’ts of Email Etiquette are:   

  1. Do use a catchy subject line
  2. Do use a courteous greeting – use ‘Hi’ or ‘Dear’ to make it seem less blunt
  3. Don’t shorten the recipient’s name – unless you’re on familiar terms
  4. Make it personal, use their names – people have a tendency to skip pass-mail emails
  5. Do State your purpose right away
  6. Do be cautious while using emoticons – better to abstain for formal/business conversations  
  7. Don’t use too many acronyms – not everybody uses or understands them
  8. Don’t use too many jargons – similar to acronyms, not many people are familiar with them. Use jargons only if the recipient belongs to the same category/business.
  9. Do make proper use of punctuations
  10. Do use bulleted or numbered points
  11. Do Leave spaces between paragraphs
  12. Do make attachments as small as possible
  13. Do refer to the attachment in your text
  14. Don’t attach unnecessary files

An effective email marketing campaign starts with a catchy subject line. Here’s our guide on How To Write An Effective Subject Line For A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Do give it a read and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below 🙂