Here are the 4 most commonly used tools to increase website traffic:

  1. Website – If you wish to make a strong digital media presence, then you should definitely invest in a website that clearly displays all your products & services. Make sure your website reflects your brand’s personality, is user-friendly and also up-to-date with the latest trends.
  2. SEO – every page of your website should have the right search keywords, which will help the search engine bots to scan through these pages and put them under the right column. When someone will search with that keyword, the corresponding page will appear in the search results.
  3. Social Media Marketing – irrespective of what category your business falls into, a strong social media presence is a must. Identify your audience, analyze their actions, draft a social media marketing strategy, and then accordingly create relevant content to connect with them. You don’t have to be on every platform for the sake of it. Be on the right one and maximize your presence there.
  4. Email Marketing – used primarily for 2 purposes:
  • To inform existing clients with regular updates
  • To connect with new audience and introduce new products/services

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