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Sustainable, handcrafted apparels & jewellery with a refreshing take on traditional Indian art & craft techniques.

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Iha pronounced ‘ehaʼ is a Sanskrit word for Desire. This Social Media Case Study elaborates on how Iha started with a desire to work with the craftsmen from every corner of India to create handcrafted products that are modern in interpretation, exquisite in detailing, sustainable in usability and yet accessible to aficionados of design & craft.

EkDooTeen was tasked with establishing Iha Worldʼs visual identity from scratch. The core idea was to create a universe of ideas, concepts and ideologies that engages all senses of a true appreciator of traditional Indian crafts. The team at EkDooTeen crafted a design language for Iha, which was similar to the brandʼs own products - inspired by the modern & post-modern era. All the content, graphics and copy, aimed to communicate the desire to explore, fly free and always look at the hopeful side of life. While line art was primarily for the purpose of delivering the brand concept, an earthy, muted colour palette, was curated in order to promote Ihaʼs diverse portfolio of crafts and collections, alike.
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