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Every piece that we sell is very close to our heart as buying is done personally from all the globe trotting. You will find pieces from all over the world which describe a particular culture or country.


Amama means Amma in Telugu. Amama’s story started when Nikita Jain’s grandmother collected jewelry from every destination she traveled to, clearly she had an eye for high quality craftsmanship and intricate detail. This Social Media Case Study encapsulates how Nikita inherited the exquisite craft that had been collected and relished over the years.

Every woman is very close to the jewelry they own, and even more to the ones that are inherited. Her dream for Amama was somewhat similar, she wanted to adorn the world with exquisite and rare jewellery which will be passed on from generation to generation as heirlooms. There are pieces curated from all over the world which integrates a story of a particular culture or country.
EkDooTeen’s mission was to help Amama reach out to potential clients through social media, starting with creating an influential presence online. EkDooTeen coined a strategy to showcase their products on social media platform after thoroughly understanding the recent digital concepts and trends. Next came designing the creatives, which our graphic designers executed in a way that unveils all the details beautifully and enhances the craftsmanship that went into forging the product.
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