Here are a few examples of how businesses, especially startups are using Facebook Lead Ads successfully:

  • Grow Your Email List

Almost all types of brands and businesses are using lead ads to build a database of relevant audience for monthly newsletter and email sign ups. If a person has interacted with your brand by clicking on the ad, we know your ad is getting people curious. Hence, further interaction with these people is extremely crucial.

  • Offer Vouchers

Several Ecommerce and retail brands are using lead ads to give out promotional deals, discounts, vouchers and offers in exchange for contact information. This not only helps them build an email database but also increases footfall on the website/store ultimately increasing sales.

  • Collect Interest Information

Educational & financial services are using lead forms to gather specific interest  information regarding the kind of courses people are interested in and intended timeline for availing their services.

  • Schedule Product Trial

Many automotive companies are using lead ads to schedule test drives, manage financing solutions and also to arrange for service appointments.

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